The Gemini’s are more interested in doing the business rather than working as a salaried person. The Gemini is quiet disinterested in reporting and working under any person. 

In most cases, Gemini arranges some other source of income while sitting comfortably in their permanent employment. 
The Gemini’s are capable of running multiple businesses or plan multiple source of income.The Gemini’s take multiple wrong moves in their business that affects their future growth too.

The Gemini develops their skills through their earlier mistakes. The Gemini loses more time and money by committing more mistakes. But these mistakes do not deter the Gemini from entering into new ventures. They stop these activities only after being hit very hard.


The Gemini looks strict and tough in their approach needed for running the business. But the Gemini maintains their kindness and humane approach towards their employees. Often this was taken as a weakness of the Gemini. The Gemini’ could be easily deceived by their employees too.

The financial situation of the Gemini’s could be compared to oscillating pendulum in a wall clock. The Gemini reaches the zenith in their financial positions; also their financial fortunes plunge into nadir. Thus none can predict the financial position of the Gemini’s properly. The Gemini’s has the capacity to grow tremendously in their financial position after they were written off by others and thrown into abyss.  

The Gemini’s are poor planners of their finances. If they are able to streamline their resources, income and expenditures then they can save themselves from their financial troubles.


The Gemini’s will own vacant lands mostly and houses too. But the Gemini’s find it tough to utilize the property. The Gemini’s will earn few gains through their property and spend too much on their property. Or they may be spending money for the repayment of loans that had been availed earlier. Also there could be some bitterness or serious differences with their brothers and/or sisters regarding this property.