The Gemini’s keep their anger within themselves in most cases. They prefer to vent their anger only if the level is breached. The Gemini’s shows their anger and frustration only to those who knows them very well. They never fight or show their frustrations with unknown persons. The Gemini’s are so calculative that they prefer to study the other person’s strength fully before entering into some arguments with them.     


 The Gemini’s move friendly with everyone; and makes friends very easily too. Here too, Gemini makes their mind so open and share most of their problems with their friends. For simple reasons, the Gemini’s tend to break their long standing relationships too. 

The Gemini gains more through their friends; but the trusted friends of the Gemini will later become their foe too. Or the Gemini’s will be separated from their close friends due to their personal/occupational reasons. The Gemini’s gains more from their friends than their friends actually benefiting from them. 


The Gemini’s are good at cracking jokes within their friends and family members. They have the humorous tendencies and enjoy the jokes dished out by others. But the Gemini’s are not good at entertaining huge masses and they are not born humorists. 


The Gemini’ has the complete knowledge about the best foods that are available in their areas/towns. In fact, the Gemini’ has wide knowledge like culinary experts. But the Gemini does not eat much; but prefer to eat as per their choice or preferences. 


The Gemini prefers to listen too much on other’s views. They are susceptible in switching their own preferences or views. The Gemini lacks the clear and tough stand on their views. These qualities of Gemini often force them to take wrong decision at a crucial time.


The Gemini’s are prone to heat related illness. The Gemini has to be careful on blood pressure, nerves breakdown and piles. Since the Gemini’ find it hard to control their appetite, they could face illness related to indigestion too. If they are able to keep their mind away from the stress, and keep control over their diet then the Gemini’s are free from any serious illness.


The Gemini’s are not much worried about their dresses, looks and appearances. The Gemini’s are reasonably well dressed and maintain good diplomatic manners. The Gemini puts their main focus on the intelligence rather on a cover up through the physical beauty. They maintain both the physical and mental qualities to certain extent.


The Gemini’s are very fond of all types of entertainment like party, traveling, shopping and going to movies/dramas. But the Gemini knows how to keep control over their entertainments. They never allow their entertainment to spoil their basic life ambitions and expectations.


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