Due to the gentle behavior of the Gemini, they do not perform well in their political careers. The Gemini’s are often succumb to the pressure/strong arm tactics adopted by others. The Gemini’ never praises anyone to eke out a living; which is totally required for a successful carrier in the political arena. 

In fact, the Gemini’s are quiet addicted to appreciation or/and recognition from others. These characteristics of the Gemini’s are quiet unsuitable for the carrier in the political field. In most cases, the Gemini’s never exhibits their full potential in the political playground.   


The Gemini’s are slow, soft and gentle in nature. They are very humane in their nature. The Gemini’ prefers to talk extensively and try to avoid the fights and serious arguments. The Gemini’ never makes the first move to start any troubles. They adopt a wait and watch attitude before committing themselves into any actions. 

The Gemini’ also never picks up any troubles with any unknown persons. The Gemini’ analyzes the situation to their complete satisfaction; they involve in any troubles only after looking into various aspects. 

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