The Gemini men keep a veil of secrecy over their romance and sexual activities. Though they have strong passions for sexual interests, they hide it deep within their mind. But the speeches and actions of the Gemini indicate their preference to their proposed sexual partners.

The Gemini men will not be aggressive to their sexual partners; rather they become so mischievous. The Gemini men will be playful, romantic and caring to their sexual partners. Then the Gemini’s are not interested to be engaged in the sexual activities that hurts their growth and routine lifestyle. The softy – softy approach of the Gemini men also could irritate some of the girls.

On the negative side, the Gemini’ men never indulges in romance and sex with women of higher status. They try to dominate the women, who under their status or control.


It is hard to find the real interests of Gemini women on their sexual preferences. The have lot to dream on their prospective partners. Even if the expectations of the Gemini women are not met, they will not allow it to disturb their normal lifestyle. The Gemini women prefer to enjoy their sexual activities and show that they are extremely satisfied. But they hide their bitterness and disappointment within her.