All Gemini’s are basically educated and knowledgeable too. But after the initial interests, the Gemini’s will later find it hard to concentrate on their studies. The Gemini’s will not gain deep knowledge in their subjects; rather choose to hop on from one subject to other. 

The Gemini’s will start their education to fulfill their ambition of getting good job prospects; they become fully satisfied when they realize their ambitions. The Gemini’s never overstep this prescribed limits and content with their acquired knowledge.


The Gemini’s are quiet capable of learning any type of skills, where they are employed. They quickly adapt themselves to new environment, industries and techniques. The Gemini’s could be called as the best “Copy Cats”. Thus the Gemini’s make them stronger in any type of jobs/employment. Even if they struggle at the initial levels, the Gemini’s become most successful at the later stage.


The Gemini prefers to listen too much on other’s views. They are susceptible in switching their own preferences or views. The Gemini lacks the clear and tough stand on their views. These qualities of Gemini often force them to take wrong decision at a crucial time.